Electric Transit Connect


To create the Transit Connect Electric, Azure integrates its proven Force Drive™ electric powertrain into the award-winning Ford Transit Connect. Utilizing an advanced lithium-ion battery from Johnson Controls-Saft, the Transit Connect Electric can achieve a range of 50-80 miles depending on auxiliary usage and drive cycle, and has a top speed of 75 mph. The battery is rechargeable using either a 240-volt or standard 120-volt outlet.

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Electric Transit Connect Diagram

  1. LeveL 2 Charge Port
    the vehicle is connected to the electrical grid through this port when charging. Capable of 120V or 240V AC charging.

  2. High-VoLtage Battery
    liquid cooled 28 kwh lithium-ion battery pack with internal sensors and controller.

  3. High-Voltage Junction Box
    Distributes DC power from battery to components and contains high-voltage fuses.

  4. Level 2 Charger
    uses 120V or 240V AC input from charge port. Converts AC power to DC power to charge battery in 6 to 8 hours at 240V.

  5. Motor Controller & inverter
    Converts DC from the battery to 3 phase AC for the traction motor. Controls the speed and torque of the traction motor.

  6. Traction Motor
    Converts electrical energy to wheel torque. speed & torque outputs are based on accelerator input.

  7. A/C Compressor
    Integrated motor, compressor and controller powered by high-voltage DC. used for interior air conditioning.

  8. Electric Vacuum Pump
    Provides vacuum for the power brake booster.

  9. DC/DC Converter
    Converts high-voltage DC power to keep the 12V battery charged and to supply power for 12V accessories.

  10. GearBox
    Fixed-ratio gear reduction increases torque and has integrated park pawl.

  11. Electric Power Steering
    12V powered smart system takes information from vehicle speed and steering sensors to provide the correct amount of assist, reducing energy consumption.

  12. Vehicle ControL Unit (VCU)
    Processes all driver and component inputs to control vehicle operation.

  13. PTC Electric Heater
    Converts high-voltage DC power to heat fluid. used for interior heating and windshield defrosting.

  14. Electric Coolant Pumps
    12V powered pumps circulate coolant through battery pack, traction system, DC/DC converter and heat exchanger.
Exterior Dimensions (in.)
Front track 59.3
overall width with mirrors 83.2
rear Door opening Height 52.1
rear Door opening width at Floor 50.2
rear track 61.1
side Door opening Height 46.9
overall Height (at curb weight) 79.3
ground Clearance (at rear axle) 7.9
loadfloor Height (at curb weight) 23.1
wheelbase 114.6
overall length 180.7
turning Diameter (ft.) 39

Interior Dimensions (in.)
Passenger Area First Row Second Row (Wagon1 Only)
Head room 51.1 48.5
shoulder room 54.4 59
Hip room 50.8 59
leg room 40.5 38.5
Cargo area van wagon1
Cargo length at Floor 81 81
Cargo length (rear door to front seat backs) 72.6 72.6
Cargo width Between wheelhouse 48.1 48.1
Cargo Height maximum 59 59

Capacities (cu. ft.)
Passenger Area van wagon1
Passenger Volume 65 130
Cargo Volume Behind First Row with 2nd row seat folded 117.7
Cargo Volume Behind Second Row 77.1
Cargo Volume Behind First Row (no 2nd row seat) 134.3 134.3

Capacities (lbs.)
Passenger Area van wagon
GVWR 5005 4965
Maximum Payload (estimated) 1,020 850
Curb Weight 3,985 4,115

Force Drive™ Components
Charge Port Level 2, capable of 120V or 240V charging
High Voltage Battery Level 2, capable of 120V or 240V charging
Air Conditioning Liquid-cooled 28kWh lithium-ion battery pack with internal sensors and controller, supplied by Johnson Controls-Saft
Power Brakes Vacuum provided by electric pump
12V Auxiliaries DC-DC converter converts high-voltage DC power to 12V to keep the 12V battery charged and supply power to 12V loads
Power Steering 12V-powered “smart” system uses real-time vehicle data to provide correct amount of power steering assist
Heating Electric fluid heater converts high-voltage DC power for windshield defrosting and interior heating
Electric Coolant Pump 12V-powered pump circulates coolant through battery pack, powertrain components, DC-DC converter and heat exchanger

Driving Range 50–80 miles depending on auxiliary usage and drive cycle
Maximum Speed 75 mph
Maximum Gradeability 20%
Operating Temperatures –30°F to 120°F (some power reduction may occur above 110°F and lower temperatures require
Charging Time 6-8 hours at 240V/30A
Motor Power/Torque 140 hp (105 kW) peak, 70 hp (52 kW) continuous / 215 lb ft (292 Nm) peak, 86 lb ft (117 Nm)

Drivetrain Front-wheel drive (FWD)
Transmission Fixed-ratio gear reduction with integrated parking pawl
Front Suspension Front independent MacPherson strut suspension w/stabilizer bar
Rear Suspension Rear multileaf spring suspension w/stabilizer bar
Brakes Four wheel power front disc/rear drum with anti-lock brake system (ABS)
Steering Power rack-and-pinion

Safety & Security
Airbags Driver and front-passenger front and front-seat side
Steering Column Collapsible
Doors Side-intrusion door beams
Tire Pressure Monitoring system (excludes spare tire)
Stability AdvanceTrac® with RS C® (Roll Stability Control™)
Horn Single note
Reverse Sensing System Non-disabling

Seating Driver and Front-passenger Bucket Seats, Cloth-Covered
Color Dark gray
Onboard Power 12V single front powerpoint
Floor Covering Vinyl flooring
Floor Mats All-weather front (van); all weather front and rear (wagon)
Wheel Cover Standard full
Center Console 2 cupholders, 2 stowage bins, 1 additional folding cupholder
Mirrors Day/night rearview (van requires rear glass)
Dome Lighting Front, middle, rear
Sun Visors Driver side with note strap, passenger side with mirror
Front Overhead Storage Shelf with net
Headliner Full length molded cloth
Air Conditioning Manual
Instrument Panel Speedometer, range/miles-to-empty gauge, battery state-of-charge, drive system coolant temperature gauge
Map Pocket Driver and front-passenger doors
Steering Column Tilt/telescopic

Door Glass
van wagon1
Rear Door Privacy Glass Standard2 Standard2
Side Door Privacy Glass Optional Standard

van wagon
Rear Cargo Doors - 255 Degree Hinged Opening Option Option
Rear View Camera Option Option
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