Voucher Incentive Program (VIP)


The Carl Moyer Program provides incentive funds to help pay for the incremental cost of purchasing cleaner than required engines, vehicles and/or equipment. The On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicle Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) allows truck dealers to provide a discount to owners/operators to offset the purchase cost of a newer, low-emitting truck. The VIP is intended to result in the accelerated turnover of older high-polluting heavy-duty vehicles with newer, low-emission vehicles providing real emission reductions above those that would otherwise occur through normal attrition. 

Existing Vehicle Requirements

Eligible Engine Model Years: 1994 to 2006  (Diesel-Fueled Only)

Limited to fleet sizes of 10 or fewer

Owned by applicant previous 24 months

CA Registration Options: 1) Current and Past 24 Months of CA DMV Registration

Must have operated at least 75% of the time in California during each 12 month period for the previous 24 months.

Must be in "Operational Condition"

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